BMX Streets Console Game

You are a BMX rider craving gnarly trick combos and peg grinds. Left alone on an unfamiliar bridge, you pedal your way towards a city skyline in the distance. You soon realize that this is your new concrete jungle. A canvas to master the art and sport of BMX street riding. Complete trick combinations and challenges to increase your “Street Level”. Unlock more regions of the city, crazy bike mods, fantastic paint jobs, and other bike customization. Explore a cityscape while learning to hop, grind, spin, and do a wide variety of BMX Street riding. You’re on your way to becoming a “Street Master”.

Music Production:
All original soundtracks for BMX Streets have been produced by Mikey J Blige.
Visit him on facebook and soundcloud.


Studio: Mash Games

Genre: Sports, simulation

Platforms: TBA

Release Date: TBA

Rating: Rating Pending

Coming Soon!